Introducing the opportunity to Adopt an ERISA Health Plan for Self-Employed Freelancing Members in the 2019

Academy Benefits is offering you the option to Adopt an ERISA plan. After collecting your data we will submit your request to Membership and Underwriting for Plan approval. Then after underwriting gives confirmation of Large Group status and underwriting approval, Members will be sent a separate link to select plans and confirm your contributions to participate in the plan for 2019.Upon plan approval all Members will have all pre-existing conditions covered without a waiting period. Members who do not submit a Health Data form during the 2019 Open Enrollment will have to wait until the next Open Enrollment.

Start Date anticipated to be February 1, 2019

Underwriting approval is necessary for the Academy Benefits Plan to meet this date. Members should keep all current benefits in place until final approval is given.

Why am I Required to fill out a Health Data Form for my family??

Academy Benefits is collecting a Health Data form because as a group the Members do not have Large Group Claims History to substantiate the offering. The Health data is given to Academy Benefits in Lieu of that Claims History. We are required ask for Health Data to determine if the Plan can be Validated as a Large Group and approved.