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In order to qualify and enroll in certain benefits offered there is a requirement to join the Limited Partnership.

  • What is a Limited Partnership (LP)?
    1. A Limited Partnership is formed when two or more partners unite to conduct business in which partners are liable only up to the amount of their investment. In this case, since no money is being invested by the limited partners, there is no personal liability.


  • What is the role of Enrollment First in the Limited Partnership Benefit Offering?
    1. Enrollment First provides benefit enrollment technology and services to America’s Consumers & Affiliates, LP. Enrollment First does not have any ownership interest in the LP.


  • What is the mission of the Limited Partnership?
    1. The Limited Partnership was formed to give consumers an opportunity to sell their online browsing data to third-party marketing firms. It is important to note that this data is aggregated and anonymized; None of the partners’ personal demographic information will be stored or shared.


  • Will any of my personal information be shared?
    1. All data generated by the partners who share data with the LP will be anonymized via a randomly assigned user code. No identifying or demographic information will be known or stored by the app.


  • By Joining the Limited Partnership, do I have any legal liability for the business or other partners?
    1. As a limited partner, you do not have any personal liability.


  • Why do I need to join the Limited Partnership in order to purchase this product?
    1. These products are being offered by America’s Consumers & Affiliates, LP to incentivize people to join the Limited Partnership and contribute their anonymized data.


  • Who runs this Limited Partnership?
    1. Can I contact them to ask questions?
    2. America’s Consumers & Affiliates, LP | 1600 Parkwood Circle Ste. 200 | Atlanta, GA 30339
    3. 800-951-5771
    4. admin@amp-lp.com