If you are a Freelancer, Producer or Director in CA,CT,DE,Il,ME,RI,NY & WA and more States, then you will be required for your current and future productions to get/provide education on Sexual Harassment in order to do your work.

We offer Training to Member’s that is Portable from one production to another production and we will help you to understand the laws and requirements in your state. …

The importance of Sexual Harassment Prevention training in the #MeToo era is highlighted by the increase in sexual harassment lawsuits since 2017.

Sexual harassment prevention training helps to:

  • Ensure employees understand the law of sexual harassment and that this conduct is not tolerated in the workplace.
  • Avoid demoralization in the workplace.
  • Avoid or minimize legal liability.
  • Avoid negative public attention and monetary damages that may be awarded in litigation.
  • Protect the potential availability of an affirmative defense against hostile work environment claims involving supervisors if certain criteria are met (for example, the employer taking reasonable care to prevent and correct harassing behavior).

The Anti-Harassment Academy www.antiharassment.academyhas been founded to supply productions with the Required Training for all states that require and/or encourage training. We know that every Member, Producer & Director want a safe environment where everyone is properly trained to avoid Workplace Harassment of all kinds. Additional, Diversity Training available as well.

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